True Rider Performance Primaloft Jacket

True Rider

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True Rider Performance Primaloft Jacket
True Rider Performance Primaloft Jacket
True Rider Performance Primaloft Jacket
True Rider Performance Primaloft Jacket
True Rider Performance Primaloft Jacket
True Rider Performance Primaloft Jacket
True Rider Performance Primaloft Jacket

There is a reason why we say that "Winter Season in only for True Rider" :) cooler months strongly verify our motivation to ride. It is a time of capricious weather during which proper clothing is important. Depending on the conditions in which we drive, we have different expectations for our clothing. In the topic of riding jackets, each of us expects them to be light, warm enough, but they also do not allow us to sweat excessively and restrict our movements. After 3 years of intensive testing and searching for suitable materials, we've created a jacket close to ideal!

The Performance Primaloft jacket is a combination of stylish cut and effective insulation. Warm where you need it most without restricting movement.

- Insulated with one of the best synthetic PrimaLoft® filling, whose insulation properties match the natural goose down, but they do not get wet compared to it!

- We learn from the best - PrimaLoft® is used by such brands as Patagonia, North Face, Nike, Nordica, Roeckl and many others.

- Thanks to the filling structure, PrimaLoft® traps air inside, which effectively insulates from adverse external conditions.

- The structure of PrimaLoft® fibers provides excellent insulation with a very thin layer and material inertness - the jacket is lightweight and compression. Therefore, it does not restrict movement while driving and there is also no thick layer effect.

- Feminine cut - it has been cut to fit your figure without restricting freedom of movement - whether on a horse or in the pursuit of daily duties. It has to be elegant and functional - we say definitely no Michelin figure!

- No more "lumps" in the jacket - thanks to the Primaloft® filling properties, the jacket is lighter and maintains its "fluffiness", it doesn't clump after washing.

- It has waterproof and windproof properties, and at the same time, the material from which it was sewn is breathable. A waterproof coating was obtained without environmentally harmful per- and poly-fluorinated (PFC) compounds.

- The structure of the underside's fibers makes it possible to compress the jacket to a small size, so it is ideal for taking to a suitcase for a competition or other trip.

- Available in two colors - absolutely charming navy blue and deep plum that stole your hearts last season.

- True Rider badge on black eco-leather - a small addition that adds elegance.

- High collar with a detachable hood - the cold air that reaches your neck will remain only an unpleasant memory, and you will easily be able to enjoy freedom during winter training, and above all, you can forget about the uncomfortable scarf. You also have a choice and if the hood interferes with your ride, you can always easily detach it.

- Fastened with two-way zipper - sitting on a horse you can unfasten the bottom to ensure 100% comfort.

- Contrast trim - give the jacket a unique style and emphasize its color

- Two deep zip pockets - you can put everything you need in it - candy for horses and gloves.

- Pockets reinforced with additional material - in this model we decided on a stronger material for the pocket. Now even sharp key tips will not penetrate the material.

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