True Rider Olivia Unzip Technical Base Layer

True Rider

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True Rider Olivia Unzip Technical Base Layer
True Rider Olivia Unzip Technical Base Layer
True Rider Olivia Unzip Technical Base Layer
True Rider Olivia Unzip Technical Base Layer
True Rider Olivia Unzip Technical Base Layer

We like challenges and we like to introduce innovative technologies to our collections. We are the ONE AND ONLY Polish manufacturer of equestrian clothing, which put on technological training shirts with long sleeves in this season! Why?

Although we ride horses for pleasure, our training is often as intense as competitors. This means that it is accompanied by considerable physical effort, muscle tension or a problem with overheating of the body especially in the warmer months. Regardless of the degree of training, our bodies are arranged in a similar way - from deflecting legs to tilting the body. Freedom of movement and the elimination of unnecessary impediments is crucial to the aerodynamics and balance of each rider. Although we love cotton, it does not have such technological properties and does not adhere to the body as in the case of technical materials.

We wanted each of our True Riders to have access to professional riding clothing that is entering a new level. Just like breeches adjusted to horse riding, we felt the need to adapt the other parts of the outfit to meet practical needs. Comfort, flexibility, proper fit ...

- Made of light, breathable materials - you feel like in the other skin

- Material from an Italian producer - in this project we did not go for any quality compromises. Specially ordered material from a well-known Italian producer popular among luxury sports brands

    - Quick-drying material with optimal air circulation - will allow you to stay dry even during intense workouts in the summer, but also great as an additional layer for the winter blouse.

    - Protection against UV rays - protects the skin from the harmful effects of sunlight (UPF 50+ protection factor)

    - Absorbs moisture - a special material structure wicks sweat away and causes the material to dry quickly. You are not struggling with the discomfort of a wet back and you are avoiding it 

    - Muscle control - the material flexibly adapts to the body, which does not limit your movements, but also maintains proper tension and supports muscle work, thus reducing the formation of lactic acid, or sourdough: D

    - Used silver ions stop the growth of bacteria, which are responsible for the unpleasant smell. They keep clothing fresh for longer, even with very intense physical effort.

    - Attention to detail - to add even more elegance and year, we added a contrasting finish to the sleeves. All you have to do is yank them to the other side.

    Made of:

    80% polyamid

    20% elastan

    Made in Poland

    Fabrics from Italy

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