True Rider Glow Sweatshirt

True Rider

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True Rider Glow Sweatshirt
True Rider Glow Sweatshirt
True Rider Glow Sweatshirt
True Rider Glow Sweatshirt
True Rider Glow Sweatshirt

The Glow Collection combines design with safety and functionality.

It is dedicated to all the riders who want to feel safe in the stables and outside them.

In the UK, reflective clothing is a must-have item when riding outside the stable.

Although there are no such regulations in Poland, we want to improve the awareness of our True Riders and make sure they are not ashamed to wear reflective clothing that can significantly improve their safety, especially during frequent trips to the forest.

A kangaroo-type sweatshirt slipped on through head with zippered pockets - thanks to this you can insert some horse goodies , phones and other necessary things into your pocket.

Thickness 280gm sweatshirt - warm sweatshirt lined with a fluff perfectly for the cool spring.

Sahara color - a complete novelty in True Rider.The fabric texture is interlaced with thin stripes in several shades which definitely distinguishes the sweatshirt against other brands.

The sleeves and bottom cuffs are finished with a reflective trim - thanks to that, in all light conditions, both in daylight and in the dark, when illuminated by vehicle headlights, you will always be visible.

Reflective material consists of metallised microspheres having reflective properties.

The material is resistant to laundry at 60 ° C (ISO 6330 / 1A), as well as at least for 50 chemical washes (ISO 3175 / 9.1).

The highest quality reflective material - complies with the Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex standards and comes from the suppliers of the largest European manufacturers of reflective vests

True Rider’s arm in the form of leather sew-on badge and True Rider silver plate add charm while keeping the minimalism look.

Fluorescent embroidery of the True Rider’s horse on the hood - a great decorative element that adds a character to the sweatshirt and identifies it with our brand.

Remember that while wearing a dark outfit you are seen by the driver from a distance of about 40 meters.

If you are wearing reflective elements, you will be visible even at a distance of 150 meters.

Material 80% cotton 20% polyester 100 % Made in Poland.

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