Cavalliera On Top of The World Show Jacket


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Cavalliera On Top of The World Show Jacket

These bright show jackets provide a show stopping style that will have all eyes on you. Made of premium softshell material that allows this show coat to move with the body thanks to its figure flattering cut and elasticity. The jacket is designed to move gently while you ride, it allows for full freedom of comfortable movement, while the zippered pockets will keep your belongings safe. Fresh design and athletic functionality. Dress for success. You will have the looks of a champion in this jacket, go and win the competition. Machine washable and easy to care for.

Softshell Premium: 41% PA 35% PES 15% EA 9% PU

Machine wash jacket in cold water. Do not tumble. For scroll styles hand wash and hang to dry or lay flat to dry. Wrinkles are caused by washing or movement of the jacket inside of luggage. You can remove wrinkles from your coat with a clothes steamer. If you do not have a clothes steamer you can hang your coat in the shower and let the shower steam relax the wrinkles out of the coat, or you can take a hot wet wash cloth and sponge the coat. (You can take care of your jacket in an other way too andsending it to the special laundry and dry cleaning service.)

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